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I can’t say thank you enough for all your help. I will send anyone I personally know to your firm if they ever need assistance on any legal matter. I appreciate your professionalism and expertise, but above all your kindness and thoughtfulness. I went through many family losses during these past several months and your kindness and thoughtfulness showed me that you respected me and genuinely cared, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Jean G.

Findler & Findler is your #1 choice in Attorneys. I could not have done it alone with my Disability claim. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and were professional at all times. When you deal with social security you need an experienced law firm to handle your claim, therefore I definitely would recommend Findler & Findler to those requiring an experienced law firm to handle your disability claim. My special thanks to Pat Marsh who dedicated herself throughout this process and all of her hard work.

Lawrence R. (via

I would never have gotten through the maze of SSI without the help, understanding, and guidance of Lloyd Findler and his wonderful assistant Pat Marsh. I would recommend them to anyone needing help.

Carrie R (via yp mobile)

All that I can say is that Findler and Findler is the best place to go if you need help in obtaining Social Security Disability! Although I had a complicated case PAT MARSH took me step by step in the difficult process! She always returned my call, explained what was happening and was truly one of the kindest people I have ever met. The entire office was welcoming and I always felt that they were in my corner. I obtained my disability ONLY with their help. I could have never done it myself and those huge companies you see on billboards only work with you via phone. Findler and Findler is face to face. That is important. Go to them if you need help and you will get it! THANK YOU PAT!!! THANK YOU FINDLER AND FINDLER. I will sing your praises to anyone I meet who needs your help!!!

Bocamom2012 (via

As I entered the complex world of SS Disability I was looking for direction from an expert. From the moment I met Brett Findler I knew that I had chosen the right firm to represent me. Mr. Findler answered all of my questions and explained that this could be a long hard road and he assured me that he and his staff would be there every step of the way. His assistant Pat Marsh was available whenever I needed a question answered. She was caring, understanding and guided me through this most difficult time in my life. Thank you.

Bonni S.

I would like to say Thank You Ms. Pat and Mr. Findler for there hard work in my disability case. I would diffidently recommend you guys, and personally I wish I could give you guys more than five stars.

Cita L.

I recently had to apply for Social Security Disability and expected it to be a lengthy process. Not being familiar with everything involved in applying for SSD, I decided to go with the Legal firm Findler & Findler. After meeting Pat who would handle the case I felt very comfortable leaving all matters to her. She is very knowledgeable in this area and one of the most pleasant people I have ever dealt with. Because of her expertise the application went through on the first attempt. Extremely professional and responsive.

Many thanks to Findler & Findler and expecially Pat.

Tommy T (via

Disability Help is Here! If struggling to receive well-deserved disability payments as a pre-retired, former taxpayer with a complex medical situation from a highly subjective system is your plight, then this is the firm for you (male or female). It might take a while to get there with their help (or it may not) but in today’s economy this is the best one can expect (it’s not personal).

In any event, with reference to my case I would like to comment the following statements regarding this firm:

  • The secretary/paralegal was honest and accommodating, and promptly addressed my needs and concerns throughout the entire process.
  • Although I didn’t have the opportunity to examine Mr. L. Findler, Esq., until the very end of my case, I found him to be a surprisingly accomplished litigator as compared to most attorneys in Palm Beach County (I’m personally a native). He certainly did his “homework” with regards to my case.

In summary, my assessment is not only based on my involvement with Findler & Findler, P.A., but it is also based on decades of experience by close family members and colleagues of mine who have worked with them on one basis or another. Bottom line, if you coordinate your efforts with this professional pair during your case’s legal process while possessing a strong desire of receiving a favorable outcome, then hiring this firm as your representative will most certainly guarantee a most successful result.

Janine S. (via

I signed on with Findler & Findler after my son was denied SSD on his original application, and in less than 2 months, my son was approved for SSD on an appeal for reconsideration. Pat was an incredible support for us, and led us through every step in the process. I highly recommend this law firm.

Gaye H. (via

Pat did a spectacular job for me. I signed with this company at the end of March 2011 and I was approved for Social Security Disability just 5 months later. I credit the speedy success to Pat’s follow up and her contacts. Don’t mess with the firms that advertise on TV or who are out of town, get a local professional with local contacts at your disposal.

mgm1252 (via

Pat was terrific. I was very upset and depressed that my SSD was denied twice. pat was very reassuring that this was the norm. She walked me through each step that I needed to handle. Pat was always a phone call away. If I called and she was unavailable at the time, she ALWAYS called me back within an hour. Happily, my claim has been approved. Thanks so much to Findler & Findler.

Steve B.

I would highly recommend Mr. Findler and his law firm. The staff at Findler & Findler was very communicative and Mr. Findler was very effective in his representation, which yielded excellent results in my case.

wtrbt (via

I was referred to Findler & Findler by a friend at the American Legion. I am always skeptical to try new things. However in this case I could not be more pleased. All procedures were explained and all questions answered by a team of highly trained professionals. The whole process took less time that I expected. I would highly recommend Findler & Findler to anyone.

Sovermyer (via

By far the best legal experience I have ever been through. I will never use another law firm for my legal needs. Thank you for everything.

Bobby H.

Dear Lloyd,

I cannot begin to adequately thank you enough for your help, insight, advice, etc…, regarding my work comp case.  This is such great news for me & for us.  =) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I am extremely appreciative of all you do (not just for me but for all your clients). Thank you again!!

Patty B.

I would like to personally thank Lloyd Findler on the quick approval I received on my Social Security Disability claim. I was referred to you by Ted Babbitt. I met with Pat Marsh along with my husband on an extreme emotional and physical day. Unable to initiate my claim over the phone, Pat promptly took over and got it done. Her guidance through the process and communication was outstanding. Although going in it is clear and discouraging how long it could take, it was a matter of 10 weeks for my approval. I greatly appreciate her time, patience, and understanding. I would not hesitate to recommend the Findler firm.

Anne C.

Dear Lloyd Findler and Pat,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for all the hard work and dedication that was given to my case. Your professionalism is what makes your law firm exceptional! Thank you once again for making my life a more tranquil one so that I can spend more time focusing on my recovery.

Nancy C.

I really enjoy working with the firm of Findler & Findler. They are so professional and very nice.

– Posted by mamonnin (provided by

Dear Mr. Lloyd Findler:

I met in your office to obtain information about the merits of filing for Social Security Disability because of my previous medical issues.  After reviewing the information, you suggested going forward and I retained your firm.

You put me in the capable hands of Pat Marsh.  To say they were capable hands is an understatement.  She was EXTRAORDINARY! I understand that I must do a lot of the initial “leg work” in the filing a claim with Social Security, but she guided me with questionnaires and assisted with necessary documents and I went into the interview very well prepared.

Once the claim was filed, she tracked the progress of my file, and was constantly in touch with representatives at Social Security over files they lost, misplaced, etc.  She was able to assure my claim moved “through the system” and didn’t languish on a desk.

My initial interview with Social Security was March 15, 2010.  I received my notification of award on April 30, 2010.  I don’t believe I would have been as successful with another firm.  She was prepared and assisted me with what Social Security would need, and the whole process was smooth and painless.  She is definitely an asset to your office.

Please give her my regards and recognize her in your office for a JOB WELL DONE!!!

Pat L.

Outstanding! Findler and Findler are rated well above the rest of the firms for getting the job done.They will be very honest with you and patient.They remind you of things to do,they spell things out for you and return all phone calls or e-mails.They are ALWAYS on top of your case. Findler & Findler are so honest with your billing.They have a Passion for what they do and a love for people.Start with them first and you WILL NOT have to back track.Pat, Lloyd’s assistant was super.When your going through hard time this is the team you want on YOUR side.

– Posted by clover2  (provided by

Findler and Findler handled my case extremely well gaining the positive result I was seeking. I experienced very good direct personal interest and involvement from them. They already had thorough knowledge of the particulars in a case like mine. They always responded quickly to calls and were very helpful in explaining everything to me. I recommend this firm very highly. I think they are terrific.

– Posted by williamhevans (provided by

I was recommended to this firm by an attorney friend. I was never so pleased in my life. Lloyd and his staff handled my case with total care and professionalism. Lloyd’s assistant Pat followed up with every step of the case. She advised to make sure all necessary documents were ready on time and with the accuracy needed to make our case move in a timely manner through the court system.. ****** That is what Findler and Findler meant to me…….Do not worry when you choose this firm to represent you you have made the right choice….they get things done . If you are qualified they will make your case show the proof that is required by law. I live in pain and they made that pain easier to deal with…Thanks Lloyd and Pat for all your help in this difficult time.

– Posted by warren_rh9 (provided by

Findler and Findler are selective in whom they select as partners/associates/employees. It is evident from the first one enters their offices. The high quality of their work shows when the opposition learns one is represented by Findler and Findler. They flee in disarray.

– Posted by ransa1 (provided by

What a fantastic experience with this firm! The 1st call to Pat, then meeting with her – everything could not have gone better. Pat cautioned that this could take some time. Thanks to her assistance we never even got denied! Now THAT’S SUCCESS! Everyone at the firm was very patient, understanding and responded to my calls, questions & e-mails promptly. I highly recommend this firm. Thanks for a GREAT job! Bradley’s Mom

-Posted by tell-it-like-it¼ (provided by

Great Job!!
Lloyd Findler and his assistant Pat were both fantastic! I waited until I was denied twice to seek professional help. I had many questions and concerns and they were dealt with immediately and calmly. You can imagine, by this time I wasn’t too calm! They reassured me throughout the entire process and made sure I was prepared for everything along the way . This is a very kind and efficient group and I would highly recommend Findler & Findler to everyone. Sue R.

– Posted by sr2010 (provided by

Social Security Disability
My experience with Findler and Findler during this process was handled very professionally in person, phone conversations, and email. The staff were very knowledgeable and handled every aspect in a timely manner. The office atmosphere was inviting and warming. Would recommend Findler and Findler to a friend.

– Posted by riversm217 (provided by

Dear Lloyd, Pat and Co-workers,

You have been by my side this whole time.  There is no way I could have done this without you.  You have helped me so much.  I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you big time!

– Karen C.

Dear Pat,

I would like to thank you and the entire staff within your office for the professional and exceptional speedy outcome of my disability case.  As I expected this to take at least 6 months to resolve, I was very pleased that you were able to achieve a result within less than 6 weeks of our initial meeting with you and Mr. Lloyd Findler.  It was very obvious to both my husband and me that you and Mr.  Findler are very knowledgeable regarding Social Security Disability claims as you consulted and directed us in the exact areas we needed to be in order to complete this task.

I would highly recommend you, Mr. Findler and his firm to others from my own personal experience.  Thank you again.

Kathleen S.


I would like to thank you for your firm’s assistance with my SS Disability claim.  Pat was always very patient and professional in helping me understand everything and successfully securing my benefits.  I will be referring anyone I meet that maybe able to use your firm’s assistance.  Please pass on my delight with her efforts to Pat.  God Bless all.

– John

Findler & Findler, PA
Hello Dear Pat,

Thank you very much for your services.  I am very happy with the outcome because I really had no energy to go to a hearing.  I do appreciate your support and your kindness during the process.  I am very pleased with your services and I will be glad to recommend the Firm to anybody who needs this type of service.

God Bless You,

Dear Pat:

I want to thank you and Mr. Findler for all your help.  Without you guys I don’t think I could have done it.  Mr. Findler was one of the most respectfully kind men I have ever met.  Thank you again.  I will not hesitate for a minute to use your firm again.  Thank you.

– Joan L.

Dear Findler & Findler, Attorneys at Law,

I am writing you to thank you.  Thank you for guiding and assisting me through the Social Security Process.  I especially want to thank Pat, your Community Relations Director.  Pat guided me through every process and answered my questions with great knowledge.  Her experience and knowledge with Social Security Disability and medical requirements is a great plus to your clients in assisting them at such a confusing time.  I greatly appreciate all her efforts and guidance.

Linda B.

Dear Lloyd and Pat,

Thank you both so much for everything!  This has been a life-changer.  Pat, you always were professional, caring, and did not stop helping us to get the back pay check, even after Social Security had disbursed your fee.

Thank you again.

– Nicole S.

Dear Lloyd,

I want to thank you for getting me a favorable outcome on my disability claim.

As you know, I have been very discouraged about it for a long time.

I can’t tell you how highly I think of Pat.  She has been there for me al along and is so smart and informed about the whole process.  I was ready to give up at many points along the way.

I’m sure you already know what a valuable asset you have in Pat.  My sincere thanks goes to both of you for your great work.

Best Regards,
Bill E.

Dear Mr. Brett,

Thank you for everything you and your team did for us.  Always remember that we hope and pray for you and your team that your firm becomes bigger and stronger so you can help more people like us.  We also pray that no harm or sadness comes to you and to your family.  Always remember that God will be there for you.  If any bad comes your way, never forget that our prayers will be there.

– Mr. And Mrs. W