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Social Security Disability

Over the past two decades, we have been highly successful in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits for those who have been wrongly denied. If you are experiencing resistance or difficulty in obtaining Social Security Disability, contact the firm today.

Do not give up hope on your claim—we can help

Findler & Findler understands the difficulties that frequently accompany filing for a Social Security Disability claim. Very often people who are rightfully entitled to benefits are wrongfully denied. We have made it a point to help people like you get the benefits they have earned.

Filing a claim

There are several ways that a claimant can file a Social Security Disability claim. You can do so at your local Social Security office, online at the Social Security Administration’s website or with the help of an attorney.

You can file for Social Security Disability benefits the same day that you become disabled. Do not wait months and even years after becoming disabled before filing a Social Security Disability claim. If you have suffered a serious illness or injury and expect to be out of work for a year or more do not delay in contacting us today. We can get you started and guide you through the process.

Denied claims are common

It is important to remember than the vast majority of all initial Social Security Disability claims are rejected. When you file a claim, Social Security officials gather your medical records and carefully consider all of your health problems, age, education, and work experience. Using this information, they determine whether you are able to perform your past work. If they decide that you are unable to perform your past work, they consider whether there is any other work which you can perform within your physical restrictions.

Do not delay in contacting us for help

Findler & Findler is available to help you handle your Social Security Disability claim immediately. Whether you need help filing or have already been denied, our skilled and experienced attorneys can help you like we have helped many others. We have spent more than two decades devoted to handling Social Security Disability claims. We look forward to assisting you in the matter. Contact the firm today.


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