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PIP Reimbursement

Findler & Findler is privileged to represent medical providers in the community who have wrongfully been denied payments from Florida No Fault Insurance Carriers under an assignment of benefits from their patients.

We are hands-on in educating our clients on PIP law to ensure correct billing practices to enforce the proper payments of their claims.

We provide billing reviews of HCFA’s for our clients and will prepare the statutory demand letters free of charge.

We also litigate select PIP claims and work closely with our clients to ensure success in the resolution of these issues.

PIP is a highly specialized and demanding practice.  We are proud to have the staff, resources and commitment to engage in this vigorous practice in an ever changing PIP legal environment.   

If you are a medical provider who has wrongfully been denied PIP reimbursement, contact the law firm of Findler & Findler today.